Here is some web page work that I have done.

It is a whole bunch of projects that using different codes, ranging from: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and MYSQL.

----------------------More projects will be added soon!!!

This was a project where we had to create a photo gallery using jQuery.

We were shown a few ways to do this, so I went crazy and used as much jQuery as I could cram in a page!

I also put in a button that will destroy the photo gallery!
Everything will be able to move out of place by clicking and dragging a box around the screen.

PHP Quiz
This was a project where we had to create a quiz using PHP.

We had to create a set of question of any topic. So I decided to create a quiz where you answer simple questions, but you only had a very limited time to do it in or else you automatically get that question wrong.

So I was able to have a PHP statement where once everything is loaded, skip to the next question in about FIVE seconds! I also added a GIF animation of a fuse that will end in the allowed time limit. It then resets when the next question is loaded.

Oh yeah, it's also VERY coluorful!!!