Here is some of my Video Production work. Here you will find some short films I did as well as some commission work for the local motorcycle club.

I have filmed, edited and done the special effects for all of these videos.

----------------------More projects will be added soon!!!

The Hub Level Snippet
This is a short bit of The Hub Level. A TV show I have created with two of my friends, for Channel 31.

We flew to SA for a Video Game convention called AVCON where we did some interviews.
This is a short film I made during my time at university, after our classes were finished for the day. I made it with some of my class mates just because we thought it would we funny to make... so we made it.

It's basically us running around trying to shoot each other like a game, but instead of using guns we are using our hands as guns!!!

Cannonball 2012 Entry 16 Introduction - Chris Knoop
I was asked by our local motorcycle club if I could create a small video as an introduction of one of the associates of the club who was entering his bike in the American 2012 Cannonball Run.