This is the first major game that I have developed. It is a 2D fighter, where each character is fighting for the power to control all of time and space, either for good purposes or evil.

Each character is from a completely different time zone, there are Knights, Pirates, Ninjas, Gladiators, Gangsters and fighters from the past, present and future!

Also, those with a keen eye may notice that all the characters look like the same person. Well that is because all the characters are me. I created the costumes for all 12 characters and filmed each one with a green screen, then created the character sprites from the footage I took. I then created the games engine in Flash using Actionscript.
Unfortunately, the pre loader is having trouble at the moment. So please wait about 70 seconds and it will start. Thanks.        More controls are listed below.

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To begin, click the title to sync the game to the screen, then press Space Bar to begin after the loading screen.
Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu and press Space Bar to select.
The game is meant to be played with two controllers, so two people could play together.
The controls are as follows:
In One Player Mode:

Left = Left Key
Right = Right Key
Jump/Up = Up Key
Down = Down Key

Punch 1 = Q
Punch 2 = W
Kick 1 = E
Kick 2 = R

Select/Choose = Space Bar
In Two Player Mode, Player Ones controls are the same as above. These are the controls for the Second Player:

Left = J
Right = L
Jump/Up = I
Down = K

Punch 1 =2
Punch 2 = 3
Kick 1 = 4
Kick 2 = 5

Select/Choose = O