Super Bowling Alley was a project I made that was to use Micro switches and the Arduino board in Flash. It was based on a game of Ten Pin Bowling.

I made a small Ten pin alley way out of cardboard, complete with ten individual pivoting pins on the base and behind each pin was a micro switch connected to a keyboard emulator which is then connected to a computer. So when a ball knocked over a pin, the pin would fall on to the micro switch and would trigger the keyboard emulator. Which would then trigger an event in Flash and give you a score in the game. I used the Arduino board to control a couple of LEDs that would flash when you either get a strike or a spare.

Before you play the game, you have to create a character. You get to chose two colours for your block character. One colour for a shirt and another for some pants. Then you take a photo of yourself, from a web camera that was included in the set up to place on top of your character. After that you type in your name and get ready to play some bowling.
To begin, click the title to sync the game to the screen, then press Space Bar to begin after the loading screen. Then click PLAY to begin.
The rest of the controls are made using the mouse.
With the exception of the pin controls which have been modified to be able to play on the site. The pins are intended to be knocked down with a physical ball and triggered by micro switches, but in this modified version they can be knocked down by pressing the number keys on top of the keyboard.

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