Hi! and Welcome to the web site. Have a look around, and enjoy!

If you want to see one of the projects in action, just click on the picture of the one you want to see.      

This is the first major game that I have developed. It is a 2D fighter, where each character is fighting for the power to control all of time and space, either for good purposes or evil.

Each character is from a completely different time zone, there are Knights, Pirates, Ninjas, Gladiators, Gangsters and fighters from the past, present and future!

Also, those with a keen eye may notice that all the characters look like the same person. Well that is because all the characters are me. I created the costumes for all 12 characters and filmed each one with a green screen, then created the character sprites from the footage I took. I then created the games engine in Flash using Actionscript.
Super Bowling Alley was a project I made that was to use Micro switches and the Arduino board in Flash. It was based on a game of Ten Pin Bowling.

I made a small Ten pin alley way out of cardboard, complete with ten individual pivoting pins on the base and behind each pin was a micro switch connected to a keyboard emulator which is then connected to a computer. So when a ball knocked over a pin, the pin would fall on to the micro switch and would trigger the keyboard emulator. Which would then trigger an event in Flash and give you a score in the game. I used the Arduino board to control a couple of LEDs that would flash when you either get a strike or a spare.

Before you play the game, you have to create a character. You get to chose two colours for your block character. One colour for a shirt and another for some pants. Then you take a photo of yourself, from a web camera that was included in the set up to place on top of your character. After that you type in your name and get ready to play some bowling.

VU sheet metal tutorial
These are a couple of sheet metal tutorials made for the Victoria University Sheet Metal class. I was asked by one of the Vic Uni teachers to help out with some of the animation for the project.
I was made to show how to draw an accurate design before any cutting begins.
Home Made AR
Some Uni Presentations
These are some little flash projects I have made for some of my verbal presentations for university. We were told to have some type of question and answers session after our presentations, so I decided to make mine a bit more fun and interactive. They are not the prettiest things but they do work well.