This is The Gaming Lounge, a video game review show created by Blair Harris that had its second season on Channel 31 recently.

I was lucky enough to help out with the show. I was one of the co-hosts for the show. I also wrote my own video game reviews and then I got to present what I had written on the show.

I also appeared in a discussion on what we thing the new generations of consoles may be like and a Multiplayer special, where everyone in the production team played against each other in various multiplayer games to determine the which one is the best.

The Gaming Lounge logo and show credited to Blair Harris.

This is a review of a game called ToeJam and Earl, it was done for the Classic Gaming Review.
It is an old SEGA Mega Drive game that I can remember playing when I was younger.
So when I got the opportunity to do a classic review, I thought that this one would be a great game to review.